Smart Single Gang WiFi Switch - AU Approved Comes with 3Yrs Wty
Smart Single Gang WiFi Switch - AU Approved Comes with 3Yrs Wty
Smart Single Gang WiFi Switch - AU Approved Comes with 3Yrs Wty

Smart Single Gang WiFi Switch - AU Approved Comes with 3Yrs Wty

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All of our switches retrofit into existing situations or new, our design fits into standard mounting frames in Australia and come with instructions and mounting hardware. Connect seamlessly to our app via your 2.4G WiFi system and our skill allows for connection to Alexa or Google, now you can issue a voice command to turn on your devices.

Incorporated a last memory function into our switches if the mains power goes down the switch will power back up in its previous state. We hold all current Australian certification for our devices and are registered, responsible suppliers.

Our Products come with a three-year replacement warranty 
  • Designed and Developed Australian 
  • Australian Certification GMA-504359-EA
  • Worlds First Last memory function
  • European accreditation and FCC tested.
  • WiFI 2.4G Smart Switch
Face: Screen printed glass plates.
Dual led: indication red on and blue off.
Voltage: AC 110-250V / 50/60Hz.
Load Power: 1000W each gang (maximum 130W LED) 10 A socket
Neutral Wire: Connection required
Operating Environment: -20~70 centigrade 
Suitable: Incandescent, fluorescent & led.
Socket B: Mechanical life 100,000 times.
Retro-fits: Into existing switches.
Dimension: 120 x 72 x 10mm or 86 x 86mm.
Color: White (option for Gold or Black) by order



Ask others here to sight their certification.

  • BUYER BEWARE || In Australia, it is illegal for an individual or company to sell non-certified electrical goods into Australia. Don't risk the loss of property, insurance or even LIFE over cheap non-compliant electrical products.
  • OUR PRODUCTS || All Products have undergone the expensive testing required by Government and Australian law to ensure they meet the AU/NZ standard 60669.2.1:2013. We have registered responsible suppliers and our products registered with the correct authorities.
  • SECURE FIXING || Our plastic base is thicker and less prone to flexing. The fixing terminals designed specifically for our products and are able to clamp many twisted wires together with a strong 6mm fixing screw the wires never will come loose or the terminals ever break.
  • TEMPERED GLASS || The Tempered glass front precisely milled by CNC machines smooth to the touch they will never cut, reversed screen printed for lasting luster the color will not fade. Available in Gold and Black by request.
  • ILLUMINATION || The use of LED illumination not too bright not too dim you can easily find your switch in the dark.